Our packages

For all packages, we will:

(for Video)
- Use a Full HD video camera and a wireless mic
- Use non-linear editing systems to digitally edit the wedding video footage
- Add in some favorite love songs of your choice
- Add in special visual effects (e.g. animated transitions, black and white, slow motion...)
- Produce a finished and fully edited wedding video
- Provide DVDs in hard cases featuring pictures of bride and groom
- (optional) Upload video highlights to internet for you to share with friends
(for photos)
- Provide one DVD with all photos that the photographer shoot at your big day
- Provide a wedding album

Silver Package: (1 videographer & 1 photographer)

Up to 6 hour video & photo coverage of the wedding ceremony & reception Video:
- Provide 2 DVDs Photo:
- 100 photos (4x6)

Gold Package: (1 videographer & 1 photographer)

- Up to 10 hours video and photo coverage of the bride and groom's preparation,
ceremony, park, and reception
- Include a recap of the entire wedding day's highlights
- Chaptered DVD for easy viewing the wedding video
- Provide 3 DVDs
- Provide raw video footage
- 200 photos (4x6)

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